Describe who you are and tell us a little bit about your journey.

My family moved to Crozet in 2021, relocating to live near my husband’s parents in Ivy after my mother passed away earlier that year. My husband, Jamie, sings in the choir, and our son, Wes, was confirmed last year at Crozet UMC. We moved from my home state of Mississippi where we were active members of St. Matthew’s UMC in Madison since 2005. 

Neither Jamie nor I were raised as Methodists. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church, baptized by immersion at 9 years old. Jamie was baptized as an adult in the Episcopal church in which we married.  We felt like we had come home when we found the United Methodist Church. The emphasis on grace within the church has been important to me and my spiritual journey. The inclusive love of all people and the worldwide reach of the United Methodist Church speaks to my heart as well. I often find myself quoting the UMC motto, “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” To me, that motto says so much about what is foundational in the culture of our church. 

A little bit more about me – you will find me at our son’s games, enjoying mountain views and streams, on a walk, reading, and working with clients as a counselor. I love what I do and felt called to this work. I discerned promptings from the Holy Spirit several times over the years to walk alongside people in their struggles, and it took many years for me to accept and trust that I did not need to be without my own struggles in order to be a therapist. Instead, God wanted me to have faith in Him to equip me for the work. Thus, my professional journey has also been part of my spiritual journey. 

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

I’m excited about the role of lay leader and serving as a liaison between the clergy, council and the congregation as well as helping to encourage other leaders and ministries in the church. I hope I can help members feel comfortable approaching me so that I can bring that communication forward or address any questions. 

What are you passionate about?

Helping people to feel welcome and included and to find and expand upon their ministry here at Crozet UMC. I hope that through service to and connection with others, and of course, through worship, that members will grow in their faith. 

What do I like most about Crozet UMC?

I like how we are a supportive place, seeking to grow the faith of all ages within our congregation and nurturing people at all stages of life. I have friends who are 9 and 90 at Crozet UMC. That is one of the sweetest aspects of our church.